World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival!

We are extremely proud and slightly tearful to announce that THE WORKERS CUP has been selected to make its World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival in their World Documentary Competition.

This is our first chance to say thank you to the men featured in the film: Kenneth, Paul, Umesh, Calton, Samuel, Padam, Dean, Sebastian, and Grahame. Thank you for letting us tell your story.

And to all the people who cannot be named who supported us through the filming in Qatar and around the world during the final stages of this film, we thank you for your generosity.

We want to particularly thank DOK.Incubator and all the wonderful people there, both mentors and peers, for helping us finish the film. We could not have done it without you. You gave us the tools and energy we needed get the film to the global audience we feel the subject and people in the film deserve.

And thank you also to our families, other halves, and friends who have supported us along this difficult journey. It has been three years since the film began, but we are finally nearly at the finish line.

The stories of the men in this film are not just about Qatar, nor football, nor the FIFA World Cup. They are men reaching for a better life for their families and children. They will make you smile - and they may just make you tearful as well. We cannot wait to introduce you.